Special Friends

Ghost Stories Ink is a little family of oddball creatives who love all things creepy. Over the years, we’ve made some friends who are just as strange and fun and as we are. We consider them a part of our little quirky family, too!

Ghost Stories Ink with a few of our special friends recreating the infamous Manson Family Cave photo.

Jay Asher

Our friend Jay has written several books. His debut novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, was adapted into a hit Netflix series and is a #1 New York Times and international bestseller. He is also the author of What Light (a New York Times bestseller) and co-author of The Future of Us and Piper (a graphic novel). His books have been translated into over forty languages.  Over the years, Jay has been an in-demand speaker and participated in a tour in which he spoke at schools in all fifty states as part of an anti-bullying campaign. He has visited six foreign countries to speak about his work and the craft of writing.  

He’s also joined Ghost Stories Ink on several investigations: including, the Morris Jumel Mansion in New York City and various locations associated with the Charles Manson murders in L.A.

His short story The Last Supper Club can be found in our first anthology Night Visions.

Joshual Sterling Bragg

Josh is a cinematographer, photographer, and the creator and host of Haunting Season – a podcast devoted to exploring the paranormal and sharing scary stories that may make you want to sleep with a light on. He is also the Senior Creative Director at Believe Limited where he gets to be part of bringing powerful stories to life.

He has been an important part of the GSI family for many years. He has filmed many of our investigations at a variety of locations from New York to L.A. and at some of our favorite Minnesota Haunts, including our favorite haunted hotel, The Palmer House.

His short story The Dungeon can be found in our first anthology Night Visions.

Ghost Stories Ink was born from a trip to the Palmer House Hotel. Watch a clip from an investigation we performed there when we seemed to encounter a ghost boy.