Natalie Fowler (Historian/Investigator)


& Psychic Medium

NATALIE FOWLER was once a practicing attorney. Now, she is an author, freelance editor, a paranormal investigator and a psychic medium. She is the author of both fiction and nonfiction works. Her publication credits include several fictional pieces that were selected for inclusion in various anthologies, including THE MONEY MOLL in THE DARK SIDE OF THE LOON (Twin Cities Sisters in Crime, 2018). Her book MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST, co-authored with Jessica Freeburg was released in 2016 by Adventure Keen. In August 2020, she was hired by Capstone to write two researched-based books for a middle-grade audience: A PEARL HARBOR TIME CAPSULE: ARTIFACTS OF THE SURPRISE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR and A U.S. INDEPENDENCE TIME CAPSULE: ARTIFACTS OF THE NATION’S BEGINNINGS.

Her book THE SPIRIT’S WAY HOME (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020) was a gold medal COVR winner in 2021. Natalie is also a staff editor and regular contributor for FATE Magazine, the first ever and longest running publication dedicated to in-depth coverage of the mysterious and unexplained, celebrating more than 65 years in print.

In addition to serving as the Ghost Stories Ink researcher and historian, Natalie is also the co-founder of Paranormal Services Cooperative, a paranormal team founded to promote the concept of spirit rescue and paranormal unity. In 2017, Natalie founded Spirit Services, LLC.

In 2020, Natalie founded Which World Productions, LLC. As a gifted psychic medium, Natalie works to assist souls who are stuck—both living and dead. She began her practice with a focus on clearing houses and space, working with some of the most notoriously haunted locations in Minnesota to help them keep their spaces safe for visitors. Her practice has evolved to help individuals one-on-one in private readings. By connecting with the angels and guides of her clients, she is able to help them tap into guidance from a higher perspective. For more about Natalie, her books, projects and availability for readings, please visit her website.

Ghost Stories Ink was born from a trip to the Palmer House Hotel. Watch a clip from an investigation we performed there when we seemed to encounter a ghost boy.