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We Do Stuff – Lots of Stuff

We are creative professionals who are seeking inspiration for our projects through paranormal research. We are passionate about sharing experiences and our knowledge with others. We’ve established ourselves in our careers and love supporting others who are working toward their own creative goals.

Learn more about our individual experience and background by clicking our names below. We also have a few special friends we consider part of funky little family of paranormal-loving creative magic-makers. Yeah, that’s right, we’re like paranormal magicians. We reach into a dark, haunted basement and pull out a story or work of art like a magician pulls a rabbit out of a black hat!

Jessica Freeburg

Founder & Investigator

Author / Mindfulness Coach / Public Speaker / Producer

Shawn McCann

Founder Member & Investigator

Artist / Illustrator / Author

Sean Spinks

Founder Member & Investigator

Artist / Illustrator / Author

Natalie Fowler

Historian & Investigator

Author / Psychic Medium

Ghost Stories Ink was born from a trip to the Palmer House Hotel. Watch a clip from an investigation we performed there when we seemed to encounter a ghost boy.