Submission Guidelines

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Want to be included in our next anthology?

If you’d like to see your short story, poetry, or art featured alongside the work of award-winning and bestselling authors, including Jay Asher, Author of 13 Reasons Why, then you should totally submit your work for consideration for inclusion in our next anthology!

We are passionate about creating opportunities for creatives to share their awesome work! Do you have a creative work inspired by a haunted location or personal paranormal experience? Follow the guidelines below to submit it for consideration for inclusion in our next anthology The Darker Side of Night.

Anthology Submission Guidelines

We are stoked that you are submitting your work for consideration in our next anthology. Our next anthology will feature stories from the members of our group and a few returning special friends and longtime GSI buddies, including Jay Asher (author of 13 Reasons Why) and Joshua Sterling Bragg (host of Haunting Season). We are opening the anthology up for submissions from attendees of our previous events as well as anyone who wants to submit a fictional short story, poem, or work of art inspired by a personal paranormal experience or haunted location they’ve visited.

Space in the anthology is limited, so please understand that we cannot include all work submitted; however, we will thoughtfully consider each piece we receive.


  • All work must be inspired by a paranormal investigation or a personal paranormal experience.
  • Location of inspiration must be noted with submission of the work (i.e., “Stanley Hotel”) or the personal experience that inspired the story (i.e., “when I encountered a ghost at my grandparents’ house).
  • Please include your name as you wish it to appear in your by-line (if you have an alternative name you wish to be published under, please indicate that with the submission).
  • Short story word count: No more than 3,000 words.
  • Poetry: no more than two pages of single space 12-point font.
  • Art: Please submit .jpeg images only. We will accept both black and white art or works that are in color.

Submissions must be received by midnight on September 1, 2022. You will be notified whether we accept your submission for publication or not by October 31, 2022. Please understand, submission does not equate to acceptance. Publication date is scheduled for the 4th term of 2023. Compensation will be discussed upon acceptance of the work for publication.

Send submissions to – we are honored that you would consider being part of our anthology and cannot wait to see what you create!

Ghost Stories Ink was born from a trip to the Palmer House Hotel. Watch a clip from an investigation we performed there when we seemed to encounter a ghost boy.