Night Visions Cover Image

Ghost Stories Ink is proud to present Night Visions!

Our goal is to create works that are inspired by our adventures in the paranormal and to create opportunities for others to do the same!

One way we do this is by publishing an anthology of short stories, poetry and artwork inspired by haunted locations and paranormal experiences. But we don’t just want our own work to be featured in this publication. Nope. That would be a bit self-absorbed, and that is a label we cannot wear.

We want to feature the work of others who share our affinity for creating works inspired by the creepy! If you feel you have a story, poem, or work of art that would be a good fit for our anthology, follow the guidelines to submit your work for consideration.

The anticipated release date of our next anthology The Darker Side of Night will be released October 31st, 2023 (Halloween, of course)!

We would be honored to consider your creative work for inclusion.

Ghost Stories Ink was born from a trip to the Palmer House Hotel. Watch a clip from an investigation we performed there when we seemed to encounter a ghost boy.