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A Beautiful Ghost Hunt

This past weekend, GSI got to spend some time with a wonderful group of curious folks at our favorite haunted hotel, the Palmer House in Sauk Centre, MN. Although we were down to just three of our members to lead the weekend (due to the craziness of life and a little elementary-school-author-visit-induced strep throat), we managed to have a really awesome weekend!

We even tried a little experiment with someone dressed in period clothing!

I think my favorite part was seeing how many families attended our event this time. We had a mother who got tickets for her husband and their teenage son and young adult daughter (coolest mom ever). A dad brought his two teenage sons. Another father attending guard duty in the area brought his two teen daughters. We also had an aunt who brought her niece. As a mom who writes for teens, my heart was happy to know that GSI is getting a reputation for hosting a fun experience that is safe for a younger audience interested in connecting with history and the paranormal!

I was also excited to see how many people came because they were interested in tapping into their creative side. I’m always surprised to see the number of attendees who join us in the basement for writing and art, but in the past, it seemed they came because I was like a middle-aged cheerleader rah-rahing them on and laying on the peer pressure to give it a try. But this was the first time I heard people say, “I picked this event over all the other events at the Palmer House because I love writing and/or creating art!”

All I could say when I saw Bethany’s picture (which she just whipped up while sitting in a 1.5 hour workshop led by Sean) was WOW! This girl is talented!

Every event we host at the Palmer House is amazing, and we walk away feeling blessed to have spent time with the Palmer House staff (who have literally become a part of our little family) and connecting with some wonderful people.

So, it was another beautiful ghost hunt, filled with talented, creative, curious friends (some old, some new).  And if you missed it, no worries! We’ll be back at the Palmer House hosting another weekend of fun September 30-October 2, 2016!

So mark your calendar, and come with us!!

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