This past weekend, Ghost Stories, Inc. made a special trip to NYC to film a ghost hunt featuring a very special friend of ours. Author, Michelle Schusterman has a new series called THE KAT SINCLAIR FILES coming out for middle grade readers all about a young girl whose father is a ghost hunter!

Click this image to visit Michelle Schusterman's website!
Click this image to visit Michelle Schusterman’s website!

Michelle contacted me a while ago after a mutual friend told her I was a ghost hunting children’s writer. Like a good writer, she wanted to make sure she got her story details as accurate as possible. That was early in my paranormal career, and I remember getting off the phone and laughing because someone had reached out to me for expert advice about ghost hunting. It seemed so strange (and a little cool).

When the advance reader copies of Michelle’s book were released, she very sweetly sent me an autographed copy of the first book in the series. Guess whose kids LOVE this book! [If you guessed mine, you are right on!]

With the KAT SINCLAIR FILES set to release this September, GSI filmed a paranormal investigation for an episode to be aired on Josh’s YouTube channel HAUNTING SEASON! While life has gotten increasingly busy for all the members of GSI in our own careers, we haven’t shared a paranormal investigation with our fans for quite a while! We’re super-excited to be able to share our evening at the amazing Morris-Jumel Mansion – the oldest standing home in Manhattan and the one-time headquarters of George Washington! We’ll share more historical information about this location and a link to the paranormal investigation episode soon!

Click this image to be redirected to the Morris-Jummel Mansion website! (Photo courtesy of
Click this image to be redirected to the Morris-Jumel Mansion website! (Photo courtesy of

In the meantime…I have a little contest for you! The prize? An autographed copy of the first book in the KAT SINCLAIR FILES series! All you have to do is post a comment on this website, tweet or Facebook the name of your favorite book character from your childhood along with the hashtags #KatSinclairFiles and #Books! How easy is that? All entries will be put into a random drawing and the winner will be announced on the release date of the book (September 1st)!!

My entry would look like this: Martha from TRICK OR TREAT #KatSinclairFiles #Books.

Now it’s your turn! And…GO!

-Jessica Freeburg, Author & Founder of Ghost Stories, Inc.




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