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Spahn Ranch, Cielo Drive and a New York Times Best-Selling Author

By Jessica Freeburg

Last weekend, Ghost Stories, Inc. started 2015 by flying from frigid Minnesota to sunny California for a weekend of filming for a documentary our group will be featured in. We were picked up at the airport by our friend, New York Times best selling-author, Jay Asher, who was kind enough to schlep us around LA in a ginormous white van that had him performing 18-point turns to negotiate the narrow roads of Benedict Canyon. We were also joined by Sammy Sarzoza, a LA based filmmaker who came along to handle a camera for our shoots.

This was Jay and Sammy’s first paranormal investigation. They were naturals and blended right in with our crew.

An image shot by Jay from inside the “Manson Family Cave.” Natalie, Sean, Sammy, Jessica, Scott, Shawn and Josh.

We’ll have several posts about this trip and our experiences at both Cielo Drive and Spahn Ranch, but we want to start our recap by sharing a post from Jay’s blog, where he details his experiences as a first-time paranormal investigator.

To read Jay’s blog post, click here.

And check back for more details from GSI about this amazing trip where we took a step into one of the most notorious and pivotal crimes in American history.

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