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Not Just Any Old Ghost Hunt

The team is gearing up for another paranormal investigation. And this isn’t just any ghost hunt.

On a hot August night in 1969, a series of serendipitous evil events culminated in the horrific murder of five people. The spree continued and became one of the most notorious serial killings L.A. has ever seen. As police departments sorted through the chaos and a media frenzy ensued, civilians locked their doors in fear. The horrific murders are even sited as bringing the free-spirited ideals of the 60’s to a screeching halt.

Tomorrow morning, at an ungodly early hour, five members of our team will be leaving the frigid temps of a Minnesota winter. We will be meeting our NYC member in sunny L.A., and greeted at LAX by a big white van driven by our honorary “on location” member, author Jay Asher.

By tomorrow night, we will be walking up the driveway at the end of the road on Cielo drive. We will be investigating David Oman’s house, a notoriously haunted property that has been featured on many paranormal shows including, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters.

I could tell you that we are excited, but that would be a gross understatement. Our gadgets are charged, and our gear is packed. We are ready to talk to whatever might be out there waiting to talk to us.

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