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And Then There Were Six

It was a very busy and long weekend of filming, presenting and filming some more. But in the midst of it all, we found time to extend our little family.

The crew taking a break from filming for a quick dinner during our overnight investigation at the Outing Lodge.

I’m so happy to announce that Joshua Sterling Bragg is no longer our “Guest Director” – he’s an official member of our GSI team! Josh felt like a part of the team even before I officially met him in person. Somewhere in our first exchange of messages I asked him, “Are you sure you’re not my brother?” In a sense, by joining our group, that is exactly what he has become.

I’d also like to introduce our sixth member (and yes, finally, another chick), my super-amazing friend, Natalie Fowler. After I met Natalie, I could only describe her as the best friend I just met but felt like I had known forever. Natalie is a former lawyer turn ghost-hunting paranormal-mystery writer. She joined us as a guest on a ghost hunt at The Manor this past Thursday night. Before the investigation, she informed me she had spent the entire afternoon at the library researching the property. My wheels began to turn. After our evening wrapped up I asked the boys if we could keep her. They agreed unanimously that she would be an awesome addition to our team.

I’m pretty sure we are the first ever panel of ghost hunting kid lit professionals!

So, what was once four children’s authors and illustrators who perform paranormal investigations for creative inspiration, has become six. I am so happy to call each one of them part of my GSI family!

Thanks to each of you reading, for being part of our journey!


-Jessica Freeburg,Founder/Ghost Stories, Inc.

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