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Our Return To The Palmer House Hotel!!

It was almost exactly one year ago that I invited a group of friends to join me on my first-ever group paranormal investigation.  I had never been to the Palmer House Hotel, but I saw the Ghost Adventures episode it was featured in, and I was both stoked and terrified to spend the night there.  It did not disappoint!

In that group of friends were three of my author/illustrator friends, Scott Spinks, Sean, Spinks and Shawn McCann.  It was during that trip, Ghost Stories, Inc. was born.  In honor of celebrating of our one-year anniversary, Ghost Stories, Inc. will be returning to The Palmer House this Thursday, January 16th with our director, Josh Bragg from The Haunting Season!  This will be Josh’s first time at The Palmer, and I cannot wait to share it with him!

To kick off our long weekend of ghost hunting fun, I want to share with you my interview with Kelley Freese, the owner of this super-cool haunted hotel.  So click the link below to see what Kelley has to say about her beloved hotel.  And then follow us on twitter or Facebook (if you’re not already) so you can join us our investigation on Thursday as we update live throughout the night!

This will be GSI’s third trip to The Palmer House, and if the ghosts come out to play as they have in the past, we’re sure to capture some cool evidence and come away inspired to create!


Thanks for being part of our creative journey through the paranormal!

-Jessica Freeburg, Founder

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