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Okay, I don’t even care if it’s not cool to say “super-stoked” anymore.  That’s the only way I can think to describe how excited I am right now!  Why?  Well, let me tell you…

Today, a director is flying to Minnesota from NYC to film for Ghost Stories, Inc!  What?!  I know, you’re freaking out, right?!  Me, too!

So tomorrow night, GSI is teaming up with Josh Bragg from the Haunting Season to investigate the Annie Wilder House in Hastings, MN.  Annie’s house is reportedly one of the most haunted private residences in the state.  It’s so haunted that Ms. Wilder wrote an entire book about her experiences living there (HOUSE OF SPIRITS AND WHISPERS).

The GSI crew will be updating our fans on Facebook and Twitter throughout the evening!  So check in if you want to see which one of us screams like a girl first.  My bet is, it won’t be me (and I’ll be the only chick there)!

Nail in coffin,





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