Our Next Investigation AND a Contest!!

Hey, guys!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted on here.  Life is busy (if ya’ wanna know why, you can read all about it on my author blog post TOP TEN REASONS I’VE BEEN MIA).  But I’ll try to do better, I promise!!

So back to the reasons I’m posting today!  The first one I’m super-excited about!  Ghost Stories, Inc. is returning to the site of our first group investigation!!  Next Thursday night (June 20th) our team will be up all night at the uber-haunted Palmer House Hotel!

Outside the Palmer House Hotel during our trip there this past January.  That tough guy walking on the sidewalk is our very own, Scott Spinks!
Outside the Palmer House Hotel during our trip there this past January. That tough guy walking on the sidewalk is GSI member, Scott Spinks!

Last time we visited, I had sent out an open invitation to all of my Facebook friends to join me.  We had an amazing investigation!  This time around, it’s just the Ghost Stories, Inc team, along with our tech crew.

I’m kind of stoked to tell you that our tech crew has grown from just our lead investigator Tristin being in charge of everything related to technology to an actual crew of 5 (two cinematographers, two boom boys and one set-up/tear-down member who will man the tech station throughout the investigation).  I don’t know why it is whenever I talk about that I squeal a little.  Maybe it’s because it pushes our project into a place where it feels so real!  We are actually filming footage for episodes and ultimately a documentary!  That’s the weird vision I had, and it’s actually going to happen!  Wahoo!

In preparation for our visit, Sean Spinks and I (along with his beautiful wife and a handful of their adorable children) spent an evening eating popcorn and pizza while we watched the Ghost Adventures episode at the Palmer House.  I had seen it before, but that was before our first visit.  It was pretty cool to watch it after having been there while we discussed our plan of attack for our next visit (plus, Sean has the cutest, chubbiest baby I’ve seen in a long time, so getting a baby fix was pretty awesome too).

Now, the second reason I’m writing today, which I’m super-duper-excited about…a contest!  I love contests because A) I like giving stuff away – it makes people happy and B) it can be a great way to learn more about YOU!!  So the contest is this…share one of your own paranormal stories (either something that happened to you personally or to someone you know).  All you have to do is put it in the comments on our blog or directly on our Ghost Stories, Inc. Fan Page on Facebook and your name will be entered into a drawing for a FREE autographed copy of the young adult paranormal thriller, LIES BENEATH (the first book in a trilogy about serial killing mermaids written by an author I love, because she’s an amazing writer and because she’s an incredibly nice person, Anne Greenwood Brown).  You can watch LIES BENEATH book trailer here.

You have 2 weeks to share a personal paranormal experience to be entered for your chance to win!  Check back to the blog the first week of July to see if you were selected as our winner!  If you won, you can email me your address and I will send you this totally awesome book!  It’s that simple!  So share something spooky that happened to you!!  Ghost stories are fun!!

Nail in the coffin ~

~ Jessica

P.S. Do ya’ see all those underlined groups of words.  Those are cyber-links!  If you click ’em they’ll take you to the site connected with whatever I wrote about there!  Brilliant, right!?  So, click the links and check out those sites!!  You’ll thank me later!

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  2. Other than the paranormal experience I had with you, the only other one I had was my grandfather. He passed away in Feb 2008. I was looking for my very expensive Palm Pilot that I had recently purchased. My son loved it and wanted to play games on it, but I wouldn’t let him. One night it went missing and I just knew he took it. I made him get up (he was about 6) and look for it. I tore their room apart! I picked up EVERY piece of clothing on the floor and went through everything and couldn’t find it. I sent him downstairs to look while I went through my room again. I then went back to his room to look and there on the floor, a corner of my Palm was sticking out from under a piece of clothing I KNOW I had picked up! When I picked it up, my oldest son, who had been laying in the top bunk this whole time, looked at me and said, “I just prayed to Grandpa Roy to help you find your Palm Pilot.” My family has lots of stories about Grandpa being around and a psychic I saw shortly after his death told me he hung out a lot with my dad.

  3. I love that story, Shelly!! Even from the Other-side, Grandpa Roy was watching over you guys!! 🙂 So cool!!

  4. My son and I just started a paranormal summer and I describe it in my blog: http://www.ellicottcityghostlyhappenings.com. We’re already gotten some incredible photos and we’re having fun! I’m so happy to find your blog!

  5. I’ll have to take a peek at your blog! 🙂 It’ll be fun to follow your summer adventures!!

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