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Our First Private Residence Investigation

A couple of weeks ago I received my second phone call from someone inviting my team to investigate their home.  Eventually, I’ll get use to having these conversations (as I serve my children breakfast and help them finish up their homework), but right now, they still trip me out a little bit (in a totally good way).

The first one came before I technically had a team, and that residence is a former lodge located very near the Canadian border (translation: it’s a long road trip up that way).  We’ll get there one day soon, I’m sure of it, but we have to save that for a time when the weather isn’t so unpredictable, and maybe we can plan a couple different stops between here and there.

This second call was from a woman who lives just minutes from my home.  She and her husband are both artists – which is kind of awesome for a group of author/artist ghost hunters.  And her story is pretty compelling.  I won’t tell you too much about it because I want to wait until after we’ve completed our investigation on Saturday, but I will tell you that we’re talking about full-body apparitions of multiple spirits.  That doesn’t mean that we’ll see full-body apparitions, but it would be pretty sweet if we did!

So our lead investigator, Tristin, has been digging into the background of the land where the house was built, and he’s found some interesting information.  I kind of want to tell you EVERYTHING, but I’m gonna wait.  Sorry.  I’m not trying to tease ya’ – well, maybe I am a little.  But I promise to tell you all about it after we wrap up our investigation this Saturday night (or I suppose it’d be more accurate to say, Sunday morning).

Here’s hoping I manage to stock up some sleep between now and Saturday so I don’t curl up on the homeowner’s sofa and tell the boys to wake me up if they see anything interesting.  Just kidding – I’d never do that – although, I haven’t actually had a full night sleep since my last child was born, which was over 3 years ago, so I might think about it.

So wish us luck! And if we get nothing else out of our evening, I’ve heard the homeowner is planning to make us brownies! Mmmm….yummy!

Nail in the coffin (which is how we say done at GSI),

🙂  -Jessica

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